Mustard seeds–from tiny to mighty

Kate is a constant flame that shines…lighting up the darkness in our world.


Believe Anyway

Some days I say what can I do? I’m just one woman. There are days, let’s face it, when I feel pretty weak. I’m normally pretty confident, but there are times when I feel anything but confident! How can I affect anything? I have always wanted to affect people (either through my writing or through my day-to-day-life or even through my presentations). I want to inspire them so they can become what they are meant to be so the world can improve.

That may be because I am determined to make a difference. That determination is a hallmark of my generation. It was and is our calling card. How am I making a difference? Through my tutoring I am perhaps a bit of a Johnny Appleseed. I see the longing in my students’ hearts … a longing to succeed. I prod them forward and help them fill in their gaps…

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