16 thoughts on “what’s the hurry?

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  2. Lovely photos!! and yes, what is the hurry…we are going to get there eventually…I’ve had to slow down lately but when your body slows down you notice things you wouldn’t along that journey if you are on the fast lane:) blessings…love your blog, I stumbled on by taking my wee time…Cheryl-Lynn


    • You are sweet to boost my aging ego. And you don’t need to tell me about the body slowing down. At 64, I’m on the flip side of youth and all the perks that go with it. But I can say from experience…you learn to adapt and emerge…”new and improved.” If advertisers can claim that of their products, then I can do the same for mine. Blessings to you for visiting…and leaving a lovely comment. hugs…


    • Pausing is better than speeding toward the inevitable. So you, my friend, have been doing it the right way all along. hugs, hugs, and more hugs. BTW…I’ve been taking a quarter teaspoon of ground red pepper with hot water and the juice of one lemon first thing every morning. It revs up my metabolism, but best of all it has quieted my arthritic inflammation AND my fibromyalgia, considerably. I got the tip from the autobiography of the Today show’s weather man, Al Roker. It detailed his attempts and final success at losing weight. Additionally, I take five 1,000 mgs of vitamin D. While they’ve helped, the red pepper seems to have been the best antidote. My arthritic thumb no longer prevents me from doing what I must…chopping fruits and veggies…weeding…and everything in between. I can only suggest. You decide if it’s right for you. hugs… 🙂


      • Ah, I had stopped that ritual since I moved back to my hometown!! I must do it again…I added a tablespoon of honey to that very same recipe…for my Fibromyalgia as well. Blessings and so glad I’ve been reminded to keep this handy…it does work!


        • Thanks for the confirmation. Apart from Al Roker, you’re the only one I’ve heard who has taken the spicy elixir, except for my husband and daughter. They’ve followed my lead, although my husband who loves spicy foods, can’t do more than 1/8 teaspoon. I don’t think I’ll be able to manage the 1/2 teaspoon Al Roker does…daily. I’d probably burst into flame if someone ever lit a match to me. ha, ha.


        • Last week I went to a new medical practice since the doctor I’d been seeing for a couple of years returned to Canada, his homeland, to practice. The nurse practitioner I saw mentioned that the ground red pepper tonic I’m taking could affect my stomach. Your ulcer might worsen if you were to subscribe to my treatment. You might want to check with a doctor. However, taking the vitamin D shouldn’t be a problem. Wish there was a magic bullet…so you could be pain free. 😦


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