…take a walk on the wild side…

When you think life has turned you on your head…take a walk on the wild side…

My daughter’s relocation home has naturally influenced our household busy-ness. To say my house has been upended is putting it mildly. There are boxes in the hallway, in the kitchen and dining room, and in my husband’s home office. There’s extra furniture in the lower level family room and bedroom. There’s a surplus of beauty products and food items waiting to be stored somewhere. And I don’t think my significant other would assent to up-sizing our house just to accommodate more stuff. Not when he’s planning to retire in a couple of years.IMG_4995

So my daughter and I have soldiered on, determined to win the war on all the stuff. They’ll either fit in…or get donated or heaven forbid…tossed. I have difficulty throwing away anything. After all, somebody made them…they’re still usable…somebody somewhere can still find a use for them…and we need to cut the landfills some slack. They can’t take all the crap we throw them.IMG_4990

It’s for sure my own dog and cats, 2 of them, weren’t thrilled when their home was invaded by my daughter’s cat who likes to think he’s king of the roost. Putting up with his antics has been a lesson in tolerance on their part. Thankfully, they’ve all survived…and seem to be getting along…finally.

Our problem was minisculized (my own word)…big time…when I visited finding strength to stand again at http://www.findingstrengthtostandagain.wordpress.com

Yes, I’m a senior with normal aging issues. But that’s the point…I’ve a normal life. I can walk, even run…when the body cooperates, that is. I can garden, even bending down to weed. I can go to concerts…like my recent sojourn to Paul McCartney’s which was a blast!. I can drive…even if it takes me longer to get out of Seattle than most  because detours throw me for a loop. If it weren’t for my daughter sitting beside me yesterday calmly talking me through alternatives, I would’ve been in a dither. I’m sure I’d have figured out where I was going…eventually…to the chagrin of other drivers trying to get around me as I come to a dead stop…which I did do, in fact. The honk from a horn brought me back from la la land…where I often drift without warning.

I encourage you to visit with Tara Hall. Walk in her shoes…

…maybe then you’ll be glad…you’re walking in your own…


2 thoughts on “…take a walk on the wild side…

  1. My daughter just left– and left me with piles of stuff to go through. And those beauty products– many hardly used, many unopened. I’ll be busy for weeks to come. Good luck finding new space for your daughter’s things!


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