birds of a feather…flock together

A post written by Candice at had me laughing…and thinking I’d found a soul sister.

Could it be that there’s another woman out there who lacks common sense? I thought for sure I was the only one. I’ve never admitted it before, but reading about Candace’s behavior in the face of a crisis empowered me to speak up. Until now, only those nearest and dearest to me knew the truth. At least…I hope so.

“Common sense” according to Webster’s is “sound practical judgement; normal native intelligence.”Well, I’ve never been practical and at times I’ve jokingly told my daughter that I was “aby-normal.”

Cover of "Young Frankenstein [Blu-ray]"

If you’ve never seen “Young Frankenstein,” you should. When Gene Wilder asks his hunchback sidekick, Marty Feldman, whose brain he got for Frankenstein, Feldman replies “Aby someone.” Wilder asks “Aby who?” To which Felman says “Aby Normal.” I loved that line and have since borrowed it. 

Now where was I? Oh, yes. I was talking about Candice and I being…birds of a feather…or chickens with their heads cut off…or Chicken Little running around crying “The earth is falling! The earth is falling!”

Like Candice, I had a run-in with my oven.

When I was in my late 20s living on Long Island with my hubby, I decided to take a sick day from work to bake up a Christmas gift for some friends. At the time I was heavily into making, and eating, chex mix snacks. Still in my flannel nightgown, I put my first batch into the oven and wandered off. Not long after, the smoke alarm started going off. Hurrying back to my teeny-tiny kitchen I was alarmed at the sight of a fire in the oven. In a state of panic I reached for the phone and dialed my husband at his office…in NYC.  I stood out in the small, enclosed foyer talking to him as the fire continued to burn. Ever the practical one he told me to call 911 and get out of the house. I did as I was told, feeling slightly foolish standing in my snow-covered front yard with the phone cord stretched to the max as I dialed for help.

In no time the fire engines arrived…two, I think…with firefighters hanging off the sides and backs of the trucks. Of course the neighborhood was alerted by the sirens blasting, as if calling one and all to bear witness to my stupidity. I’m sure I wanted to find the closest mole hole and crawl inside with my heretofore sworn enemy…Mr. Mole himself.

The firemen stormed into the house, hatchets and fire hose in hand.  Soon one of them emerged flinging my baking pan onto the lawn. All that remained of the chex mix was a charred blob. Meanwhile, the windows and doors of the house were thrown open to allow the billowing smoke to escape. I don’t recall if any water was used. I don’t think so. But with the passing of time I can only recall what I did…and didn’t do.

While I know this wasn’t the first time I pulled a humdinger of a boo-boo, it was the first of many, many stories my husband has loved retelling. Thank goodness he has a funny bone that runs the length of his body. If not, my marriage might not have lasted as long as it has…42 years.

English: A chicken running Français : Un poule...

Have you a “Chicken Little” story of your own to tell? Or are you…

…the one with the common sense?…


8 thoughts on “birds of a feather…flock together

  1. This is the hugmamma-in-law we know and love! Your antics have kept our brother young and our niece joyful! Your blog keeps me laughing, crying, and brings to mind wonderful memories. We love your aby-normal self and all! Aloha, CS


    • Ha, ha. I don’t stop to think that people I know, and love, are tuning in to what I’m writing. So it’s always a welcome surprise to see a comment from someone on the “inside.” I love all of you nearly as much as I love your brother…maybe there’s only a hair of a difference. 🙂 And the reason for my devotion? You “get” my aby-normality. I can be who I am, which is never politically correct. 😆


  2. Ha! I have far, far too many to tell. Yep far too many. Ok well I guess I will tell my latest. As we were walking along the oh so beautiful, peaceful and quiet trail at the Natural Bridge in Virginia a plane flew over. Unbeknownst to me there was an Air Force base very, very close. The plane was a fighter jet. I think it did a low fly by on purpose. It must have seen me and decided to have a laugh. Actually neighter one could see the other because of the tree canopy. The noise came suddendly out of no where like a thief in the night. I swear to you I thought it was going to land right on top of us. It scared me silly. Yes silly would be the word. I hit the deck! In doing so I grabbed another woman who was nearby. A stranger, yes a stranger. She happened to be ducking also unless it was my imagination and I pushed her. The bad part was that I also screamed a bad word and right beside her was her pre-teen son. She did laugh but I’m not sure what scared her the most, me or the plane. Needless to say I was slighly embarrassed when it was all over.


    • That is a great story! Why am I not surprised that you and I are like the proverbial…2 peas in a pod. ha, ha. hugs galore for sharing an embarrassing moment. 😆 I’m delighted to know there are other birdies like me…and Candice. 🙂


    • Hugs for letting me know I brought a smile to your face and perhaps a laugh or two to your belly. 🙂 One never knows when one puts it all out there. But hey! I figure it’s “hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul” after all. And I’m not perfect…far from it…and glad of it. 😆


        • No. Thank you for being the first to fess up. I think I’ve hinted at my nonsensical side before, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never come out and owned it. Except maybe early on in my blogging “career,” when very few people were listening. Although readers who’ve been with me awhile have probably figured me out. At least I hope so. 😆


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