weekly photo challenge: saturated

I often times think my decorating style is…saturated.

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Wish I could go…simple…you think?



8 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: saturated

  1. I like your style. Mine is pretty much the same. Of course that would be the complete opposite from my husband’s style!! He is a clutter free kind of person. Ugh. We just do not fit together. We need two houses side by side with a connecting hallway, maybe.


    • We are definitely…two peas in a pod, except when it comes to the hubbies. Mine is not…clutter free. His idea of organized is…in his head. The desk in his home office and the one in his work office are…messy by my standards. He says he knows where everything is. I guess that’s all that matters…until he’s 75. The upside is…he’ll only have one office then, and the stuff will be cut in half since he’ll have retired from his job. And as far as my stuff…my hubby likes our cozy house. 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind words of support for my “saturated” decorating style…hoarding, in other words. I vacillate between it being an okay thing…and not an okay thing. As long as it’s organized, right? Well anyway…at this stage in my life I don’t think I’ll change. But then I’m still open to…never say never. 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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