what’s wrong with…this picture?

Did you see the one where the guys in a boat headed straight into the tornado’s water spout…with boyish glee? And when interviewed, the boat owner said…he’d do it again, given the chance?

Did you see the congressmen who, when interviewed, swore they’d shut down the government…rather than allow millions of Americans the opportunity to sign up for health care insurance tomorrow?

Did you see the video in which a black SUV is chased down by a pack of motorcyclists who travel the road as if…they own it?

As we all know, there are two sides to every story. Whatever the arguments, certain facts are indisputable.

Had the boat overturned going through the water spout, the coast guard would’ve been called into action to rescue those numb skulls. And who would have footed the bill…us, the taxpayers, of course!

If the government shuts down, thousands of middle class folks will be furloughed, military families will cease to be paid, and the health care law will go into effect. So what will those idiot Tea Party reps have gained? Why…attention on the world stage, of course…at no cost to themselves since their salaries remain intact, regardless.

The pack mentality screams out…”One for all and all for one!” So when a gang of motorcyclists takes over the highway, surrounding a car on all sides and traveling as though they’re “rubbernecking,” what’s a car driver to do? Get out and walk?

Some days it’s difficult to believe what I’m seeing…

…ever have one of those days?,,,

The Gadsden flag



16 thoughts on “what’s wrong with…this picture?

    • I just heard on CNN that, on average, those idiots who are holding the country hostage are taking home in excess of $3,000 this week…during the government shutdown. Meanwhile a woman interviewed, who’s on furlough as of today, was overwrought because she won’t be able to make her monthly mortgage payment. So who are these phanton Americans that the Tea Party reps keep referring to…”the American people want…the shutdown…the repeal of Obama-care…” I think most folks are angry that reps get paid…and they don’t. With taxpayer money, no less. 😦


    • Oftentimes the news is on while I’m doing my housework, or blogging, or whatever. After what can be hours of listening to the insanity that goes on in society…I need to vent. hugs for letting me know you agree.


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