So, a donkey walks into a bar and orders a Coke…

…this is a first for me! …how about you?…





There is this cute to-die-for family bar in Ramsgate, called Pistols Saloon – which is in the South Coast of South Africa. It is a Western Cowboy themed bar, with its own Wild West Museum.
But the best part is their resident donkey, Huckleberry!  I don’t drink but I had to go to see him. Animals always attract me. He just roams on in whenever he feels the need to drink Coca Cola out of the can, munch on carrots and receive adoring pats and rubs from the patrons. Isn’t he adorable? 



What I really like is that the owners are animal-friendly conscious:



?????????? DSCN0640  DSCN0641   ??????????



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