friday fictioneers: duel

Inching backwards, Misha took up his position. With eyes clearly focused upon his opponent, he arched his back and dug in his claws. Slowly sidling forward, threatening to spring, this interloper meant to stake his claim.

Was Juneau going to take up the challenge and protect his territory…his favorite perch, the attention he so craved, his buddy Mocha? So much to lose. Would he, could he, be victorious?

Though pound for pound they were well-matched, in size and bulk Misha excelled. Compact by comparison, Juneau might succumb.

How could they know, unless they went at it.

Time out! Dinner’s served!!!Β 

...home is where juneau's heart is...

…home is where juneau’s heart Β and tummy are…

16 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: duel

    • Thanks for the comment. And you’re right, pets in general have fun personalities and their antics are something to watch. I’ll let Juneau know you think he’s adorable. I’m sure he’ll want to jump right into your lap. πŸ™‚


    • Glad you got the giggles! Anything approximating…smiling, grinning, chuckling, guffaws, laughing, belly laughs…well, you get the picture…is exactly what I’m hoping to achieve with my stories. πŸ˜†


    • I said the same thing when my daughter, now 27, was a baby. Of course I got my wish. Then it was “mommy…mommy…mommy” throughout the day…and into the night. Now I’m more careful when I wish for something…I might get it. And I’m pretty sure if my pets could talk, I’d hear “mama…mama…mama.”


    • Thanks, Rochelle. Our pets are the stars of most of family productions. They’re usually front and center in everything that goes on in our home. Or I should say…they’re always…underfoot.


    • Aloha for the hearty welcome, Doug. I feel I’ve found my niche among folks as passionate about writing as me. I would’ve joined Friday Fictioneers sooner, but mastering the technical wizardry of installing “buttons” and copying the right URLs and uploading this, that, and the other…well…it’s a challenge. It can take me hours before I finally get everything up and running. Come to think of it…it’s not so different from my own life…now that I’m a senior citizen. πŸ˜†


    • Thanks! It’s really great to receive a “pat on the back” from other writers. After blogging for almost 4 years, I may have finally found my niche with Friday Fictioneers…for which I’m very grateful. πŸ™‚


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