copyright?…what’s that?

Copyright Symbols

Yes, I know what it is. Although I’m not quite sure how copyrighting works.

What I really mean to say is…does it really work???

Putting it out there on the Internet seems to give would-be thieves carte blanche to…take without asking. 

I’ve seen those little copyright badges on other blogs that absolutely forbid the use of their material. 

Again I ask…does it really work???

Now that I’ve written in excess of 1,000 posts on hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul, I thought I’d take a second look-see into this copyrighting business.

Recently, I’ve had a couple of folks “like” me whose blog referenced mine, i.e. that they were “blogging at hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul.

I know what I look like. I’ve been gazing at my reflection in the mirror these last 64 years. And if that’s not enough proof…my driver’s license confirms what I look like. 

The two women who were claiming to be hugmamma looked nothing like the face I see every morning in the mirror. 

Hmmm…maybe that’s not quite accurate, since I look better after I’ve applied my makeup…styled my hair…and stopped frowning.

You might have noticed I’ve included my true likeness toward the upper right corner of hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul.

Much as I dislike my photographic image…although me with Wonder Woman isn’t bad…I decided I’d let all visitors to hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul know who is the REAL hugmamma.

Beyond that, I’d sure welcome any advice you might offer with respect to copyrighting. 

I’d really appreciate it though, if you kept it…nice and simple. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

…technical wizardry just ain’t…my bag…


THIS is the real ME! ... I pinky swear...

THIS is the real ME! … I pinky swear…

8 thoughts on “copyright?…what’s that?

    • That’s what it seems. I wasn’t overly concerned until the recent incident where a “like” by someone showed that they claimed to be blogging at…hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul. In emailing back and forth with someone from “community support” I’ve learned the “like” issue has been a big complaint for others on Word Press. I guess Word Press can’t guarantee that spammers won’t worm their way in any way they can. And if Word Press can’t…I guess I can’t. We can only do…what we can do, I guess.


    • I read Word Press’ info re copyrighting, and decided to go with Creative Commons. I’ve seen its logo elsewhere, and was curious. I guess one can only do so much, short of hiring an attorney and paying megabucks…and then following every lead on someone committing theft, or something akin to it as I mentioned in the post. I’ve inquired of Support as to how a stranger can “like” my blog and in doing so say that she is blogging from my site. I’ve yet to get a definitive answer. Has that happened to you? The woman has her own money-making website, so it might be she’s trying to direct my traffic her way…similar to spamming through comments.


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