weekly photo challenge: good morning

“Good morning! Did you sleep okay last night, Mocha? Are we ready to fold up our blankie, and start our day?”IMG_0762                                                                               

…maybe some coffee will help?…how about some mocha, Mocha?…



10 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: good morning

    • What a nice thing to say. Our little Mocha rarely uses her blankie. When she’s done with it, she sometimes walks around probably hoping it’ll fall off…or someone will remove it. When I greet her in the morning in the kitchen where she likes to sleep, I’ll know she’s done with her blankie if she’s pushed it completely off her pillow…as if to say, “I’m hot. Get this thing away from me!” Pets are cute. They do the darndest things… 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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