“A Correction, From Carlton to Carleton”

…an inspiration for those of us who hope to write forever…

98 Years Old and Still Writing: Okie's Poems


An experience Okie had, while in her 80’s.
(Okie is now 96 years old)
Okie prefers that her writing be shown and read in her own handwriting
(a typed up copy is far below, for those with smaller computer screens)



Okie, changing road sign from Carlton to Carleon

Okie changing the road sign


Note added by Kathy: the post on that road sign was unusually high, probably so that the snow plow drivers could see over larger snow banks that get very high at that intersection. The sign post was much higher than normal road signs!….all the more remarkable to even have a tall enough ladder  and THEN to actually climb that high on it…particularly for a person in her 80’s.


Carleton Road Sanbornton NH


 here’s a computer created graphic, superimposed on a photo of CARLETON Rd.

Okie Carleton Road sign 4


A typed up copy of Okie’s writing, in case people are viewing on smaller computer monitors

Carleton Road, Meredith NH, changing the road sign


Has anyone noticed…

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2 thoughts on ““A Correction, From Carlton to Carleton”

  1. Isn’t Okie amazing? SHE climbed that ladder and had the old gentleman friend steady it! I haven’t added her writing selections recently, but I have lots more that she has written recently. She’s part of a weekly writing group where she lives!
    I also used what Okie wrote about adding the “e” to that sign for inspiration on working toward any “goals” http://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/climbing-our-own-ladders-of-possibility-living-with-inspiration-determination-and-possibility/


    • Earlier in the year I signed up for a local writing class. One of the students was a woman in her late 80s who was writing her memoirs. I loved her stories. I often imagined myself in the midst of them, because her descriptions were so real…so vivid. We became confirmed fans of each other’s writing. I didn’t return the following semester, however, because several of the other students who’d been attending the same class for years and years tended to monopolize the time talking about their lives. While I found them interesting at first, I soon realized they were the center of their worlds. They weren’t really interested in engaging others about theirs. I tend to like writers who just put it out there…and let readers make of it what they will. Love, love, love Okie! 🙂


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