friday fictioneers: fantasy?

Copyright-Al Forbes

Hurrying up the stairs of Beckwith Hall Michelle glanced upwards at the sculpted head peering out over the campus. A recurring thought ran through her cluttered mind.”I’ve seen that face somewhere. I know I have. But where?”

The heavy door slammed behind her, as Michelle began wending her way down the crowded corridor. Surrounded on all sides by the droning of voices, her thoughts were lost in the din.

Scrambling for a seat in Greek Mythology, Michelle plopped into the first one available. Taking a deep breath, she turned and saw that face staring into hers.

“It’s you!” 

He smiled mischievously.IMG_2911

54 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: fantasy?

  1. So many possibilities…..I like to think of him as a Greek God come to wreck a little havoc on hearts. Or perhaps simply a nutty professor who carved a bust in him image above the door. Either way this could go further indeed. Great story.


  2. This reminds me of the time a little kid said to me, “you look just like my Grandpa.” My response, “Your Grandpa must be a very handsome fellow.” The look on the kid’s face was priceless.


    • How about Freddie Prinz? Haven’t seen him in awhile. I could write a story with him in mind. More my cup of tea than Matt Damon…looks wise. However it would depend on whether or not the mysterious stranger is a romantic interest…a friend in whom she confides her innermost thoughts…or a mischief-maker. Which do you prefer?


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