Age is but a number.

This young woman gave me a wake up call. When I think I have it bad, I’ll just think of what she’s going through…and pray she…and her mom, who has MS…can find their share of happiness each and every day…




How can you compare a young girl like you being sick to a old woman like me being sick?”

This is what was thrown in my face by a fellow patient two weeks ago after I told her I was unable to get up to help her with something. When she exclaimed that she wasn’t well enough to be doing on her own, I pointed out that I too, was in hospital and therefore likely to also be ill.

The reason I couldn’t, or in the old woman’s eyes ‘wouldn’t’ get up to help open my own curtains so she could watch tv from her bed, and not her chair was because I was in a full blown skin flare up. I was in agony, I could barely move my arms, let alone get up and walk about. I’ve had this skin issue on and off for nearly eight…

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hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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