six word story challenge: film

Escapism at its best…or worst.

My preference…always oldies, but goodies.

Sunny, light, fun…dark, chilling, scary.

Something you put into a camera.

Sex sells sinful, slimy, silly stories.

What’s acting these days? Being yourself.IMG_5134

…give me the good ole days!…


3 thoughts on “six word story challenge: film

    • Those were the days when actors had us imagining they were really other people…like Vivienne Leigh as Scarlet…Lawrence Olivier as Mr. Darcy…Bette Davis as Mrs. Skeffington…Orson Welles as Randolph Hearst. These days…Brad Pitt is Brad Pitt…Angelina Jolie is Angelina Jolie…Julia Roberts is Julia Roberts. Beautiful to look at with above average acting skills. They don’t take me away to another time, another life, another place…as the stars of Old Hollywood do.


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