friday fictioneers: narcissus, 2009

Copyright - Sean Fallon

Fragmented life. Fragmented man.

Lost. Not found.

Wife? Children?


Broken. Shredded. Suicide.

Consuming greed. Never enough. 

Power bestowed. Correction. Power grasped. 

Narcissus incarnate.

Deals brokered. Ruthlessly. Invisibly.

Laws broken.

Hangers on. Bought. Sold.

 Feeding frenzy. Shark bait.

No guilt.

Booze. Drugs. Mindless pleasure. 

Back alleys. Dark doorways. Blackmails. Pay offs. 

A man without a soul passes through this world, his body parts in disarray. 

Dead inside.

His environment having no impact except to amuse.

Heartbreak for she who fell for this empty shell.

And his sons.

Bernie Madoff



Struggling. Still.


Narcissus (Photo credit: pogobee)

30 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: narcissus, 2009

    • I was going for hard-hitting impact, Joanna. So thanks for “hitting the nail” on the head with your comment. Madoff and the whole ensuing media blitz was like a meteoric phenomenon…an explosion…and then a crater filled with a lot of victims.


    • Wherever there’s easy money to be made…you’ll find a lot of sharks looking to score. Sad statement about humankind, and I don’t mean to denigrate the sharks. hugs for the kind thought.


    • Never, ever enough hours in the day. Too late last night…and every night. Wish I could crawl between the covers at 9 p.m. I may think about doing so at that time, but it takes me 2 more hours…or so…to actually do it. Your compliment makes it worthwhile…except I still have to get more shut-eye.


  1. Dear Millie,

    Your verses hit their target and, at the same time, put me in mind of a couple of people I’ve known. Poster children for Narcissism. I won’t go into detail…they’d only enjoy it if they were to read. (Not likely). Well painted picture here.




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