Posses ‘n’ Hosses

On a lighter note today…an elephant who can do just about anything, it seems. At the top of the list…write the heck out of any situation. Maybe not so fast on the draw…but certainly quick with the pen…and some! Enjoy! I’m certain JFK would’ve chuckled at this pink dude in a Stetson and boots…



cowboy 1
AnElephantCant pretend he’s a cowboy
But he thinks he can act in a Western
He’s not smart like Butch
He can’t drive a Stagecoach
But he can earn a Fistful of Dollars like the best of ‘em

He thinks he looks cool in a Stetson
And macho with his boots in the stirrup
But he won’t go to Tombstone
Certainly not on his own
He prefers to stay behind Wyatt Earp

He is a cert for The Good The Bad and The Ugly
You decide which part he must play
He stands beside Shane
He Drifts the High Plains
And covers Paul Newman’s back in Hombre

He was always cute when he Wore a Yellow Ribbon
He Dances with Wolves and then needs a rest
He avoids a free for all
At the OK Corral
And lives peacefully Once Upon a Time in the West

One Eyed Jacks see Brando…

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2 thoughts on “Posses ‘n’ Hosses

  1. AnElephantCant talk like Jimmy Stoo-art
    And he certainly can’t walk like John Wayne
    He is not handsomely human
    Like perfect Paul Newman
    And he isn’t tough like Alan Ladd in Sha-aa-ane

    But he is quite funny sometimes.
    Thanks for the reblog.
    Does AnElephant get royalties for re-runs?


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