what separates the generations?

Old age. Pure and simple. Sometimes maybe not so simple.

It’s like one day I was the tasty olive served up on a toothpick in a James Bond classic cocktail…shaken, but not stirred. And then the lights blinked. And shazam!!! I’m a raisin sinking to the bottom of that martini.

Yeah! Yeah! I know hugmamma likes to crack wise about all kinds of things based upon decades of experience. But that’s just it. She’s talking about all the stuff she use to do; not living it like the young chick she use to be.

Old folks like to talk, talk, talk. That’s pretty much all we can do. 

Back in the day

Oh, I know there are those exceptions to the rule. Like President Bush, the elder statesman, who at a ripe old age jumped out of a plane on the end of a parachute. But you know what that was, don’t you? That was George H. saying…”I can do this…before I rendezvous with the Big Guy upstairs.”

On the other hand, look at the last of the Flying Walendas, the dude who’s walking across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. The last time his grandpa tried to do that, walking a tightrope high above a city street…was his last. Unfortunately.

At some point, the body goes “Okay. Been there. Done that. I ain’t going out on a limb for you anymore, dude! Get that through your thick skull!”

A month or so ago, or maybe two or three, there was a James Bond marathon on TV.

Sean Connery as James Bond

 I got my fill of Sean Connery as the hunky spy. Images of the senior Bond kept flashing across my mind, trying to reconcile one with the other. I convinced myself that the old Connery still had it. Then I saw  Never Say Never Again, and the dream ended. Still good looking, still somewhat virile. But more of a caricature of what he once was as the cocky, gorgeous Welshman of years past.

Old age sucks! Don’t let any well-meaning, old-timer…like me…convince you differently.

Once your mailbox is flooded with Medicare supplement forms, there’s no turning back. It’s official. You’re on your way to la-la land…along with the other sheep put out to pasture.

What else can a wrinkled up raisin like me do but…blah, blah, blah about the good old days. Or give counsel about this ailment and that supplement. Or coo about the guy who lies all shriveled up beside me.

And then there’s the daughta! A reminder of what I was, and now I ain’t. As if I needed reminding.

Twenty-seven years old and rarin’ to go. Flittin’ from city to city dancing up a storm. Only my fingers come close to keeping up…churning out post after post on my trusty laptop.

So there’s the difference between her and me…old age. 

Youth does; oldsters don’t. That’s “how the cookie crumbles.”

…so enjoy those cookies…before your digestive system goes haywire!..and backfires on you…


Sean Connery at the private party after the pr...





22 thoughts on “what separates the generations?

  1. Hi Hugmamma, Already a few days ago I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy(ed) reading this post, but then I got caught up with some urgent work …. I love your down-to-earthness and straightforward way of expressing yourself!


    • Thank you so much, Heila for your kind words. I’m glad you “get” my writing style. I feel life is too short to dance around important issues. I also think humor…much of it “tongue-in-cheek”…helps us relax and not become overwhelmed. We all have issues which confront us…some, like yourself, more than others. Nonetheless, we can all be supportive of one another’s efforts. We’re all trying to live the best life we can with what resources are available to us. And so I say again…God bless you in never giving up hope for your son.


        • Today is Monday morning at 9:21 a.m. Start of another week…a great one. My daughter flies home from being away the last couple of months dancing, first in Houston, Texas, and then Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She’ll be home through December for the holidays. After that, she’ll be gearing up to go auditioning for a job. She’s thinking of Amsterdam and England. If my body cooperates, I may go with her. And by the way, I use to dance hula in my youth. My daughter, on the other hand, has been a ballet dancer for 11 years. Now she’s going into contemporary dance. She’s got to do it while her body continues to work…literally.


    • You are sooo right, lisa! I know it was on me…too much time wasted on what I wasn’t doing right. Now I feel like “Hey! Whatever works!” And while I still think old age sucks, I too wouldn’t want to return to those nebulous years of…”Should I? Or shouldn’t I?” I’m sure you’ll agree…DO IT WHILE THE DOING’S…GREAT!!! 😆


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