friday fictioneers: barbara cartland

Copyright - Ted Strutz

With heart pounding, Annalise watched for the dock where handsome Schuyler would be waiting.

How long had it been since they last locked lips? Too long, it seemed.

Would they drive at break-neck speed to Thistle Inn and make mad, passionate love? Or would they prolong the inevitable, lingering over Β drinks at the cafe?

His cologne. Obsession. His eyes. Glassy pools of aquamarine. His hair. Corn silk. His body. Hugh Jackman. His mouth. Succulent.

“If he doesn’t propose, I will!” conspired Annalise. “Ha, ha. I’ll sweep him off his size 11 feet!”

“Another best seller for my sex-starved housewives!” exclaimed Barbara.

26 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: barbara cartland

  1. Dear Millie,

    Her quivering thighs wrapped around his muscular neck and she was swept overboard in the throes of purple passion….

    I should write romance novels, don’t you think?

    Loved you story and especially the way Barbara conspires with her character, Annalise.




    • I must admit I haven’t delved into the pages of those notorious romance novels of late. In fact, I’ve not read one in decades. Too busy trying to manage my own love affair of 43 years. Not all lilacs and roses, as any married woman will tell you…but well worth the investment of time…and love. Keeping the romance alive takes a little more than…quivering thighs, I’m afraid. πŸ˜†


    • I couldn’t think of another romance novel author with less notoriety. I guess I could’ve googled one, but I was in a hurry to publish this and get on with my list of pre-Thanksgiving chores. Glad the trip, though obvious, was still worth the read. Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚


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