friday fictioneers: seeing is believing…or is it?

Copyright - Adam Ickes

I was 7 when I learned Uncle Noah’s secret.

I’d come down to the dock to be alone. Time to myself during a family reunion that could suffocate.

Uncle Noah and I were loners. Perhaps that’s why he never married.

Although he fathered no children, they were always drawn to my uncle, myself included.

That fateful day I wandered off, hoping to catch some fish about which I could later boast.

Rounding the hedge of giant spruces, I gasped at what my eyes beheld.

Uncle Noah’s boots stood empty.

A sleigh drawn by reindeer was pirating him away.

Ho, ho, ho!!!

25 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: seeing is believing…or is it?

    • Well…it may be that Mrs. Claus keeps the home fires burning…elsewhere, like at the North Pole? Maybe that’s why Santa’s a loner. Perhaps he’s comfortably tucked in his own bed every night. ๐Ÿ˜†


    • I reread it after Sandra’s comment, and saw that the tale could definitely have had a sinister ending. The mindset I was in when I wrote this didn’t have me in that frame of mind. I was totally heading toward…Santa. Interesting how words can mean different things to different readers…and writers. So glad I made you happy, Bjorn.


    • Thanks, Rochelle. A little holiday cheer to lift everyone’s spirits. This season and the good feelings it engenders is what the whole world needs. It keeps Mandela’s spirit of peace and good will alive. Wish it could go on forever! hugs!


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