friday fictioneers: light my way

Copyright - Erin Leary

Like a beacon in a world gone dark

your love shines bright

leading me back from the edge of despair.

Without you

where would I be?

Committed to an asylum?

Or worse…

buried six feet under.

Don’t ever leave my side, 

even if I push you away

a thousand times and more.

Keep telling me I deserve you,

that I’m worth your love.

The shadows recede

as the light of your love

fills the cracks of a heart that was broken.


Cherish me always.

Warm me. 

Show me the way to daylight again.

Like a flower

I will bloom.cropped-img_2034.jpg

30 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: light my way

    • Thank you, Patti. Although we’ve been married 43 years, 44 this June, our journey together remains as fresh for me as though it were yesterday. I owe my husband much for the peace of mind I now enjoy. And when others try to kick up a tsunami around me, I need only focus on the calming eye in the middle…my husband. He it is who assures me that we need not bother about the negative forces. We remain steadfastly positive and surround ourselves with like-minded folks. hugs for your sweet comment…


    • Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. And yes, I’m very lucky to have someone who continues to believe in me no matter what. He gives me strength to bear up under any adversity, and he helps me laugh…a lot. hugs…


    • God bless you, Rosalie. I pray you find your way to blooming in the daylight. If it helps, know that his was my journey probably since I was a child. I have my husband to thank for walking alongside me through 43 years of marriage, never once abandoning me for an easier path of his own. If not for him, I might have continued on in my own purgatory. With his love and support, and that of my daughter, I’ve been able to bloom. Where before the ground was barren and bereft, I am now enriched by their love and support, and by others who imbue me with positive energy. I wish the same for you, Rosalie. Hugs to help you through the dark moments…into the light of day…and never-ending peace and happiness.


    • Hugs, Mel! The holidays took its toll on my health. Blogging had to wait until I could get myself sorted out. I’m doing much better and am slowly picking up where I left off. I’ve not forgotten your award. It’s on my “to-do” list. You’re a sweetie. I hope all continues to be well with you. Lots of hugs flying your way…


    • Hugs, KZ. I’m certain I’m not the only one who’s experienced life’s shadows. Hopefully, others have also found the light from which they can grow in love and happiness.


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