Bullying – an adult artform..

Adults need only look to themselves and their behavior when they wonder why it is bullying is so rife among today’s children. Many tend not to think that what they are doing is wrong, because they insist that their message is infallible. They feel compelled to hammer it home any which way they can. These adults either create bullies in their own children, or bully them into submission. Either way, it is a dastardly thing they are doing to our society-at-large. Especially when guns are involved.



I deleted myself from a Facebook page yesterday.  It was a photographers “support” page.  I won’t name it as naming and shaming seems to be their thing and that would make my behaviour as bad as the sort I witnessed in there.  In my short time as a member of this page I had seen a lot of pontificating and posturing of egos in this particular group.  “My lens is bigger than your lens” type stuff.  When people asked for constructive criticism they were rewarded with remarks about how the model looked creepy or like a geek and comments about how blurry the photo is and the lack of ability the photographer has.   When someone asked for advice on buying a new lens, the topic went off on other egocentric tangents and competition between Nikon and Canon which were of no help to the person seeking advice at all.

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2 thoughts on “Bullying – an adult artform..

    • You’re absolutely correct in your observation. These cybernet bullies hide behind their smug chatter. Were they to emerge into the real world of human interaction, they would be at a loss as to how to live and contribute responsibly to society. They obviously can’t, so they don’t. Preferring to spew venomous diatribe from their bully pulpit, they lurk in the shadows with their keyboards as weapons.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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