Caring for Patients: Women and Poverty

I too was raised from the age of one by a single mother when my father died. There were drawbacks to be sure, but I inherited my mom’s strength to survive and was able to better my plight through education and hard work. However I feel similarly to this blogger, that poverty is mankind’s worst enemy. It keeps those caught in its grips from contributing fully to our collective society. And like my mom, I’m certain the poor do not like to be beholding to anyone. If they could only get a hand up…


A Family Doctor's Reflection

I read the latest Shriver Report A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink.  The statistics were not surprising to me. We have made great strides in some areas but only for a small percentage of women.  All my life, I have known personally the plight of women in America.  For me, it started at age 5, when my parents were divorced.  My mother was proud, independent and refused child support if it meant having to share custody with my father.  Women had few rights at that time. From that moment in 1962 she was a single mother with three girls and no outside income.  I was the oldest. So she went to work. We were fortunate to have the support of her family.  We first lived with my grandparents and later moved to our own home in the “Projects” or subsidized housing.  In between, we  shared a house…

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2 thoughts on “Caring for Patients: Women and Poverty

    • I’ve heard folks complain about those in poverty who game the system, and because of that oppose the government’s helping the poor. And in any way, shape or form, it seems. I for one think Obama is doing the right thing in ensuring that everyone have access to health insurance and education. I also applaud the First Lady’s efforts in drawing attention to better nutrition for our school children. Job creation is something the movers and shakers in our society should all get behind. hugs…


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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