seahawks all the way!!!

I’m not a foot ball fan, even though I was a high school cheerleader. For me it was more about leading the crowds in cheering our team onto victory.  And, of course, there was the especially close proximity to the players. At the time I was dating the captain.

With the Seattle Seahawks winning streak thus far, football has once again propelled itself front and center in our household.

The difference, however, is that our daughter is home to share in the good times with her dad.

When she lived in Atlanta and Tennessee, our daughter joined friends at a few of the local football games.

Having gone to a high school conservatory where she majored in ballet, our daughter didn’t partake of the normal social scene most high schoolers experience. Nonetheless, she took to football like a natural, although hockey is her first love.

As a Christmas gift for her dad, our daughter purchased tickets to the last Seahawk season game. It was a father/daughter day they’ll never forget.

Because I never knew my dad…he died when I was one…I’m 100% behind my husband and my daughter having a great relationship. And because the Seahawks did their part in nurturing that father/daughter bond, I say…Seahawks all the way! 

…bring back a superbowl win!!!Photo: We're going to the SUPERBOWL!!! #GoHawks……..hugmamma.

4 thoughts on “seahawks all the way!!!

  1. I’d be a Seahawks fan too if it wasn’t for Pete Carroll. He left USC in a mess that will hurt the Trojans for years. True, Pete had great teams at USC. The best that money could buy! Carroll does belong in the NFL where money is king and ANYTHING GOES. However, for my brother-in-law and favorite, niece, good luck Hawks. Go Broncos! The name Trojans does ring a bell doesn’t it? BTW, I coached that football player you were so in love with. Maybe someday I should tell Andrea about him. Watch your step with me kid! LOL!


    • I have no secrets from my daughter. It should be no secret by now that she’s my BFF. So yours, dear bro, is just an empty threat. LOL…not! You so relish needling me. Too bad, I don’t relish that kind of attention. And as is always the case, we’re never on the same side, even in sports…no surprise there.


  2. Funny how things our kids like can get us to like them too– I sort of follow NBA basketball thanks to my daughter’s passion for the sport. She’s a Knicks diehard, but now that she’s in San Fran is becoming attached to the Warriors. Enjoy!


    • I have so much fun with my daughter now that she shares in so many common interests as my husband and me. She’s even explained that she appreciates Seattle so much more now than when we first moved here from Connecticut. She was only 11 then. Now she goes everywhere and does everything on her own, or with friends she’s made as a dancer. Is your daughter loving San Fran? What a neat city to explore as a young person.


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