Family and Love Outside The Box

I thought this captured the essence of family and Valentine’s Day rolled up into one. And I’m hoping that it reiterates the obligation we all have to ensure that everyone has the right to celebrate what’s in their heart with those they call family, even those who might be different from ourselves in ways that have no bearing on their valuable contributions to society.


This Man's Journey

Best thing about family?

Bangon Pilipinas 2014

They make you smile, laugh and feel good about yourself. They make you feel like the richest person in the world not because of what you have but how much love and happiness you feel in your heart.

Love and family

They run and jump with you all the way to farthest, highest peak. Why?


So you can be the best person you can ever be, achieve the biggest dream you could ever reach and shine your brightest.


When hardship comes, family stand by you, support and comfort you, be there for you.


When you make mistakes, stumble and fall, you can rely on them to catch you, help you pick up and mend the shattered pieces. Broken heart and spirits included.


They will help you move on and start all over again. Best part, there are no limits to how many tries you can make. They will let you heal and grow…

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