why do writers…write?

 I’ve come across two quotes that seem to go hand-in-glove in describing writers.

The first is that of Anton Chekov, renowned Russian author. It was shared by http://www.livesimpletheblog.wordpress.com

…people who lead a lonely existence always have something on their minds that they are eager to talk about…

The second is a line spoken by Walt Disney to author P.L. Travers in the film Saving Mr. Banks.

Our stories are redemptive. That’s what we story tellers do. We restore order with imagination.  We instill hope again and again and again.

According to psychotherapist Linda Hoff-Hagensick at http://www.marriagetherapy101.blogspot.com,

Both P.L.Travers and Walt Disney found redemption and healing for their childhood pain through telling their stories through the magical lenses of their characters.

I think it’s fair to say that writers can lead a lonely existence given their need for isolation while getting in touch with their creative genius. I wonder how long C.K. Rowlings kept her own company while knocking off volume after volume of the iconic Harry Potter? 

Judging from my own experience, words can haunt a writer’s every thought. Not until allowed to escape the confines of the mind, will the words give a writer some peace, if only for a few moments.

So for me, it’s not that I seek solitude, it’s that my constant companions, my thoughts,  long to escape into print. They do not relish captivity; rather, they long for escape. Escape into the light of day. It’s my task to arrange them into some coherent story that others might want to read. And that, as every writer knows, takes time and…solitude. 

In recent months I’ve taken to having my laptop on the kitchen island so that I can write in between my other duties as a housewife. Of this relocation from the dining room table to my current station, my daughter lovingly commented “You really are a writer!”

I often wish I could ignore other duties and interests, and simply write the book that’s still on hold in my brain. Actually, there are a handful waiting to be written. For me however, life is too precious to let slip away for hours, days, weeks, even months at a time.

One day soon, I’ll see my way clear to balancing both. Until then, blogging remains an excellent outlet.

Storytellers come in all shapes and sizes. What they have in common is the desire to express their thoughts and feelings in a comprehensive manner. The icing on the cake is to capture the attention of an audience of readers or listeners. To bring them along on a  journey, whether it’s into familiar territory or uncharted terrain.

Writers are usually inspired by strong feelings about the environment in which they live. Whether it’s physical or psychological. Whether it exists in the past,the present, or the future. Whether it’s just a fantastical concoction of their imaginations. Or whether it’s a little bit of everything.

Like Disney I prefer writing redemptive stories, where chaos is banished, order restored, and hope is renewed. 

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tinker Bell and her magical fairy dust. I like to think it represents…

…never ending hope…

………hugmamma…and tinker bell.

...sprinkling fairy dust for hugmamma...

…sprinkling fairy dust for hugmamma…



15 thoughts on “why do writers…write?

  1. You express my thoughts perfectly! I have often told others that I’d give anything tohave a weekend to myself, not at home (where Id be tempted to clean) and just sit with my computer, a spiral notebook and pen, and just WRITE! They look at me as if I had tomato sauce on my face. Why would you want to spend a weekend doing THAT? And I say…just imagine the places I could go….the people I could meet…


    • I think only writers feel the magical draw of exploring the world through words. I’m with you as to wanting time off to get all the words out of my brain and into print…at least on one topic about which I’ve so many thoughts, feelings, and experiences…dance. There are other topics to be sure. But that one looms large because my daughter continues to be my passion. Hugs for your comment. I have great respect and admiration for your writing…and for you.


  2. Your words are always kind, a balm for a stress-filled mind.
    Your words will someday find one another and be connected into a book.
    Your words will shine throughout many lives.
    Keep shining, dear Hugmamma.


    • Dear dutchess, I haven’t told you lately but…I love you. You’ve been a friend and guardian angel ever since I began blogging with word Press. And here you are…still hovering. My eyes filled with tears at your words. You’ve always encouraged my possibilities, even when faced with the seemingly impossible. Recall the dancing ballerina? For you and others whose words have inspired me and moved me to continue writing…I will persevere. Heartfelt hugs, dear friend. Hearfelt hugs…and aloha.


  3. The more you write the closer you get to your books 🙂 I think I write because I always have a lot to say. It stops me ( a little) from monopolising conversations by allowing me the place to express my opinions, ideas and dreams while allowing others to express theirs too.I also just love watching words form pictures as they appear on the page. Amazing pictures!


    • You’re absolutely right! I’ve gotten much needed practice blogging. And since joining with writers on other sites, I’ve been receiving a lot of encouragement. So I feel a book is in the offing…hugs for your comment.

      And I also agree that having my own blog allows me the space to voice my thoughts without subjecting others to them unless, of course, they’re so inclined. I recommend others get their own blogs so that they can release themselves of what it is that interests…or bothers them.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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