weekly photo challenge: object

This larger-than-life size statue of actor John Wayne at the John Wayne Airport in Irvine, California is massively impressive. Not only was I awestruck, I was also filled with patriotic pride.

I’m certain all Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, are proud to call him their hero. What he represented on film, readily transferred to real life. John Wayne was, and still is, an All American Hero.


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20 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: object

    • What an amazing memory. I would’ve wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed his films, but like you, I’d have frozen in the moment. He really was larger-than-life. hugs for sharing such a special occurrence…


    • It really made me feel like Duke, John Wayne, was right there…walking toward me…when I first went down the elevator to the ground level. I wished then I could’ve met the real person.


    • That’s also one of my favorite airports. In spite of being big, it feels small and welcoming. And Orange County…sunshine, warmth…the best of Los Angeles, in my opinion. So sorry I made you homesick. Hope you’re somewhere equally as nice.


    • Awww…that’s so nice of you to say so. The prize for anyone who enters the challenge is having folks visit. And the best prize is when someone leaves a comment. So big hugs to you for making my day…and night!!! As far as I’m concerned…I hit the jackpot! 😆


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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