michelle…my belle…

Remember those words? 

Fifty years ago today, 4 Brits took the world by storm making their own brand of music.

Dressed in black suits like upstanding young citizens, Paul McCartney and his fellow Beatles John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison crooned their way into our lives and…into our hearts.IMG_2635

For Baby Boomers like me, remembering the Beatles is akin to looking back with nostalgia over the course of our own lives.

Where were you when?

Ed Sullivan hosted the Fab Four on his show.

The Beatles and Elvis jammed in his Belair, California home.

Paul’s beloved first wife, Linda Eastman, died.

John and Yoko Ono staged a love-in, refusing to get out of bed for days.

The Beatles fell out of love with one another, and went their separate ways.

December 8, 2011, the night when Mark Lindsay Chapman shot and killed John Lennon.

What made the Beatles special?

Their hunky, good looks.

Their moppy, long hair.

Music and lyrics that touched us to our core.

Their lack of artifice. They were just beatles, after all. Bugs, really. Not kings or princes-in-waiting. Just ordinary blokes.

And they paid their dues…playing in joints all over Liverpool. IMG_2548

We’re lucky that Paul and Ringo are still with us to carry on in the Beatle’s tradition. Together with a rich archive of their songs, the four mop heads from England will live on…


7 thoughts on “michelle…my belle…

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  2. I remember watching but I was only seven years old. The music sounded great and I was fascinated by all the screaming. My appreciation of the Beatles came later but I love every song and still listen of the lyrics and still find something I missed. Thanks.


    • Like you, I think I was fascinated by the screaming females. That probably got my adrenalin pumping. Of course, living in Maui in the 50s, early 60s…I had no clue where New York was, let alone England. But the music…no mistaking great music.


    • I’m pretty sure I watched it on our small, black and white as well. I just remember that I thought Paul was a cutie. I’m sure millions of girls thought the same. Aaahhh…youth.


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