friday fictioneers: history rewritten…

Copyright - Janet Webb

For her, I’d give up everything. If I could  magically wish away my reality, I would.

When I’m holding her, we’re like a smoldering flame melting into one another.

Her laughter, like a child’s. She makes me feel like a boy again. A naughty boy.

She’s unlike any woman I’ve ever known. I know my parents wouldn’t approve, although dad would love a roll in the hay with Marilyn.

God! How I hate that man! I’d walk out on him and everybody else if I could.

Dear Caroline and John,

Forgive me. I can’t help myself.

All my love,


25 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: history rewritten…

  1. Well thought out. Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) was so beautiful. I was in the 8th grade when Kennedy was shot so I just remember vague memories about her. She did have a sad life and I’ve always thought that Joe DiMaggio placing roses on her grave every day was such a sweet gesture. Good story and thanks! Nan


    • Thank you for commiserating on MM’s sad life. I wish she could have realized something more substantive than a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…like marrying the love of her life and having a child with him. I’m such a romantic…


    • Aaahhh…Rochelle. You always say the nicest things. You and Friday Fictioneers have been hugely responsible for my continuing to pursue and, in fact improve, my writing. Comments like yours and those of other great writers on FF have gone a long way in making me feel like a bona fide writer. Prior to that, I would not have said with confidence…”I am a writer.” At least not publicly. Mahalo and aloha for that, Rochelle…and as always, huge hugs. 🙂


  2. I was young at the time of JFK and Marilyn and didn’t pay much attention. I was busy with my own activities as young people often are. I remember my dad always saying he felt sorry for poor Marilyn, and I’ve read about her troubled early life. Well-down story.


    • I was probably in my early to mid-twenties, newly married, and totally into my own life. I must admit I thought she was a home wrecker of the first order. Now that I’m in my 60s with a lot more life experience under my belt…I’m less quick to judge…and have a ton more compassion. Unless we walk in another person’s shoes…we really have no clue about their life. hugs…


    • I’ve read a couple of bios on MM. Sad life in that she bought into the make-believe world of Hollywood, as many celebrities do. Not having a solid mental and emotional foundation going in, it was almost inevitable that she got turned upside down.


    • As soon as I saw the portrait, I thought of Marilyn. Probably because I recently saw her in “The River of No Return” with Robert Mitchum…twice! And I’ve read her biography. Sad life, made worse by the men who used her. So I decided to make my story end happily for Marilyn, even though at first I had thought to go down the path well-traveled. This is fiction, after all..


    • Totally fictious, right? While I wasn’t necessarily a fan of MM’s, it is sad she didn’t settle into a permanent, loving relationship. I think she was a normal young woman who got way in over her head when she went to Hollywood…and beyond. hugs for the comment…


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