friday fictioneers: “lions and tigers and bears…oh my!”

Copyright -Sandra Crook

Busing from the airport in Calgary to Banff in the Canadian Rockies, I kept watching for wild animals…like a moose or a grizzly. 

After riding for miles, I spotted something. It was some distance away so I couldn’t quite make it out. It moved, or so I thought. Squinting my eyes as though they were a pair of binoculars, I was sure the animal had lowered its head. 

My imagination was running away with me,while my common sense struggled to get a foothold.

“It’s a lion!” 

As a truck with bales of hay drove by, the light bulb went “click.”

(Note: I rewrote the last two lines to stay within the 100 words AND to lessen the confusion of readers who thought I was drifting outside the parameters of the photo.)  

33 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: “lions and tigers and bears…oh my!”

    • Thanks for letting me know. I thought it was obvious, but even my daughter didn’t get it. It only goes to show…there are as many points of view as there are individuals.


    • Originally I’d written…”It’s a “lion!” OMG! They have “lions!!!'” And the last line read…”As we rounded the bend, “lions” dotted the hillsides near and far.” Would you have surmised from that, that I meant bales of hay? I made the change to what it reads now, because several readers were confused. And I thought I was being witty. 😦


    • Must be leftover from childhood…vivid imagination, I mean. I must admit…it helps keep me young. ha, ha. hugs, Rochelle…and wherever you are…have a fabulous day!!!


        • Ooohhh…brrr, Rochelle. This island gal would have hightailed it out of icy Kansas for sure. On the flip side…you ARE living in the Great Land of Oz…or thereabouts. Talk about imagination. You’re living where it was invented with the adventures of…Dorothy and Toto and Tin Man and Lion and Scarecrow. OH MY!!! 😆


            • I can already see you…soft, wide-brimmed hat shading you from the island sun…as you lounge in a hammock, swaying gently, open book laying on your bare midriff…sleepy eyes gazing out over the blue-green, crystal clear waters toward the distant horizon…tropical drink nestled in the sand beneath your fingertips. Beguiled by what he sees, a tall, dark, handsome man braves the short distance… Okay, Rochelle. The rest is up to you. Does he pull you into his arms? Or do you awaken to hubby asking you when’s dinner going to be ready? Food for thought…on a cold, wintry day on the Missouri side of Oz. 😆


    • ha, ha! You poor thing, Jan. Not sure either which would be the scariest…death by lion…or by hay allergies. Either way, don’t go there. I like you on the other end of these conversations…for a long time to come. 🙂


    • ha, ha. Excellent guess! But no. They were bundles of hay like you see in the truck’s picture. From a great distance, and my being unfamiliar with them, AND my desire to see wild animals…my imagination ran away with me.


    • In my imagination, they might have been. And having been born and raised on an island AND never driven through Canada…I let my daydreaming get carried away…momentarily, as I said.


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