Nurturing Thursday 35

Exactly what my daughter is striving to do this very moment.

Tao of Scrumble


The ‘artwork’ in the picture above isn’t ‘perfect’.

It isn’t meant to be, that’s the point.

This is a page from my first Art Journal, recently started in an old sketchbook, the first one that came to hand. I’ve no idea whether I’m doing it ‘properly’, and I’ve no particular theme in mind. It’s simply a device to unlock my creative flow, so it has to be spontaneous ~ unplanned and messy.

I can’t remember where I found the quote ~ probably somewhere on Facebook. (My news feed is mostly inspirational updates from the pages I follow.) It resonated with me and at the time I had no intention of ever making it public, so I scribbled down the words and doodled the flowers around them without censure.

This morning, seeking inspiration for my Nurturing Thursday contribution, I flicked through my journal, (which didn’t take long as I haven’t actually…

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