weekly photo challenge: perspective…

City View. That’s what the ad said for this Waikiki condo. More like a View of the parking lot. Don’t you think?IMG_4456








Romantic seating for two. Or standing room only???IMG_4457










A scenic view. More like a Value-less view.IMG_4459










The owner of this Waikiki condo was excited for me to be the first to review it after my family’s visit of several days. I didn’t have the heart to give her my honest opinion.

…she had her perspective…i had mine…


8 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: perspective…

    • In addition to the obvious surprises, there were hidden ones as well. A light switch in the linen/supplies closet was hanging away from the wall, a little. When I flipped the switch, there were sparks. Yikes! I never fooled with it again. The last couple of days we were in the unit, we discovered that the a/c had a leak. When it kicked on, the nearby carpet became damp. We had to lay towels over the spot. The owner lived on the mainland, and I didn’t want to have to deal with the woman assigned to watch the condo. I think she was just the cleaning woman anyway.


  1. Oh how I feel for you! My heart used to sink when we’d get to our hotel room with this kind of view. Now I tell my husband not to touch anything, and I call down to see if we can get a change! With a condo, I guess you were staying.


    • I’m with you. If a room has issues…the smell of smoke when we requested non-smoking…there are plumbing issues…the view is problematic…I have no qualms requesting a change. Of course I hate confrontations. However, I like to make sure I get what I paid for. Sometimes one has to be…a squeaky wheel. You’re right, though. When we rent from an owner, photos can, and have, misled.


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