friday fictioneers: “oh what a tangled web we weave…”

Copyright-John Nixon

Life has become a tangled mess of lamenting.

What coulda, shoulda, woulda…but won’t.

There’ll be no coming together on this.

Dad favors my dating Albert, his financial advisor’s son. I’ll be set for life, according to what I hear when mingling with the jet setters at the country club.

Then there’s mom who’s always pushing Bradford at me. “He’s so good to his mother and his sisters. He’ll treat you like a queen. He already worships the ground you walk on.” Yada, yada, yada.

There’ll never be a good time to break the news.

“Mom and Dad.This is Sheila…my wife.”

42 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: “oh what a tangled web we weave…”

    • ha, ha. Now that’d be something I’d relish…queen at a jet setters’ country club. Once would be more than enough, however. I’m not inclined to…hoity-toity, having grown up poor on a small island out in the Pacific Ocean which, granted, now belongs to the rich and famous. I’d be more like the “fly on the wall” at a country club. And as re acceptance of gays and lesbians being more commonplace? Unfortunately I know of those who still cringe at the thought and refuse to accept them as being like the rest of us. An older brother of mine being one, with whom I’ve had many an argument via these comments. I’ve finally taken to spamming them. There was no talking with him after he declared homosexuals weren’t entitled to heavenly salvation.


    • Hugs for the gut reaction…to such a shocking turn of events. Not a situation with which I’m personally familiar, but one which exists more often than we probably hear about.


    • In time…hopefully. After all she is their daughter. I like to think this fictional tale mirrors reality in that the family comes to accept that it is her life…not theirs. hugs…


    • You’re so right! It is truly amazing how writers’ perspectives on the photo prompts can differ so widely. I usually go with the first thought that runs through my mind as I look at the picture. If I dwelt too long on the myriad of ideas I’d come up with, I’d never get the piece out by Friday. hugs…


    • Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to “sell” our…wants…wishes…and loves? That we could be given full reign over our own lives…come what may…warts and all. But I guess we wouldn’t be human if life ran according to plan. hugs…


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