friday fictioneers: living la vida loca…

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Once upon a time not so long ago, two strangers met online.

A date soon followed.

As if to bless the occasion the night skies rained down streams of fireworks in celebration of Mardi Gras.

Moira sizzled. Wavy hair the color of New Orleans sunsets framed her porcelain perfect face, while cat-like eyes the color of emeralds bore holes through an onlooker’s soul.

Hovering protectively nearby, a hand cupping her elbow was Jeff, looking every inch Superman’s alter-ego, Clark Kent.

Fairy tales do happen “when you wish upon a star.”

It did for this lady-of-the-night and her financier, knight-in-shining-armor.

Ooh-la-la. IMG_2610

45 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: living la vida loca…

  1. Ah,a hot romantic piece,loved that ooh la la ;-)I also loved the descriptions ,specially,”Moira sizzled. Wavy hair the color of New Orleans sunsets framed her porcelain perfect face, while cat-like eyes the color of emeralds bore holes through an onlooker’s soul.” 🙂


    • I don’t think Danielle Steele or any other author of that genre need worry about my usurping their territory. I’ve no material from which to draw…except my imagination. These days it’s so cluttered, it’d take me months to peel away the layers of stuff I’d like to author. I’m a “jack-of-all-trades…type.” Aaahhh me…


      • Ha!ha!You are too funny-you have your own inimitable style-so you don’t need to usurp anything from anyone”:-)Btw,once upon a time I was a big fan of DS and used to weep buckets over her tales,lol!


        • Long ago my husband met her husband at some business soiree in San Fransisco. Who knew Madame Steele had just one man in her bed? Or does she? Will we ever know… 🙂 Do we care???


              • No,not anymore-it was about 20 or more years back-I hardly read much now-reading stories from the contests I participate in ,now takes away most of my time 😛 I do still love horror-Stephen King and Koontz still top the list.What about you?


                • I’m a huge biography fan. Mostly famous people. Currently reading a thick one on Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor. Before that…a thick biography on actress Barbara Stanwyck. Yesterday I read an autobiography of a black ballerina with American Ballet Theatre in NYC. My daughter, also a dancer, had met Misty Copeland last summer. It’s a true Cinderella story…from near homeless to fame…in a predominantly white art form. Finished the book in one day. Great read.


                  • Wow!That’s heavy stuff-I don’t have the capacity to stomach that:-)Glad you enjoy reading so much-i miss those days when I used to read 2/3 novels at a stretch-sigh!


                    • I’m flattered that you think I read “heavy stuff.” Let’s just say I learn about history as a backdrop to someone’s life. More interesting to me that way. Definitely am learning about the mindset of Edward VIII and his passion for Mrs. Simpson. She probably represented his Oedipus longing for Queen Mary, his mother. Perhaps he wouldn’t have been as enthralled with Mrs. S if his mum had been able to show him more physical affection. Unfortunately, not something royals were allowed to do pre-Diana.


                    • I have zero knowledge about these characters 😦 Fascinating to observe the way you are able to relate-are you by chance a psychology major? 🙂


                    • You make me smile. No grin. ha, ha. I should have majored in psych. I’m always analyzing. Even over-analyzing, according to my daughter. I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older. Too much analyzing is debilitating. Better to just live…and let live. I’m still trying…


                    • You have a great mind that’s for sure:-)3 more stories to read before I call it a night for today-already after 2a.m here and tomorrow is our community’s new year 😀 So GN from me and see you on the grid later this week,tc((hugs)) 🙂


    • Moira’s knight runs with the likes of Warren Buffet, but he’s more in keeping with some gorgeous Silicon Valley hunk. Hence, her ravishing radiance…captured his heart, soul, body…and pocketbook.


    • Moira is no ash-laden dummy. She keeps her stilettos on…and wits about her…at all times. It’s the men who grovel…long after her pumpkin has vanished from sight. 🙂


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