friday fictioneers: pretty, pretty princess…

Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy

He was a corporate guy in a suit and tie,

but in a pink hat with matching pearls, he was just one of us girls.

By day he managed employees, sat in on meetings, and problem solved.

At night he happily chucked it all to play “Pretty, Pretty Princess.”

A couple of decades later, he’s still commuting for a paycheck. 

He’s traded floor fun for quiet, relaxed evenings in a chair, Nook in hand, head nodding. 

Memories, always fresh, still linger…of bygone days with his little girl.

All grown up, but still his pretty, pretty princess.

His pumpkin pie. Her pops.



27 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: pretty, pretty princess…

  1. That worked quite well, although I thought at first that he was cross-dressing. 🙂 Glad to find out it was something completely different!! I went with non-fiction this week, too. Good job.



    • ha, ha…I can see why you’d go there. Funny how the writer’s vision is so narrow as not to include the myriad of possibilities readers might bring to the story. I’ll have to share this with my hubby. He’ll have a good chuckle as well.


    • I’ll tell my husband of your lovely comment. He’ll be tickled, I’m sure. And NOOK is the e-book sold by Barnes and Noble. My husband prefers ordering his books online and reading them via the internet. I still prefer the feel of real pages between my fingers.


    • I take my hat off to poets. Except for rhyming, I have no poetic skills. I’ve created my own version based upon what feels organic to me. hugs for the lovely comment…


    • My daughter loved the games we played with her as a child…including Pretty, Pretty Princess…Candyland…Life… Those were indeed fun times. Our family now plays Bananagrams.


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