Weekly photo challenge – on top

couldn’t resist sharing this entry for the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE…ON TOP…

Third Person Travel

“On top” another fun theme on the the WordPress weekly photo challenge.
Captured at the Guggenheim Bilbao on a rainy day, “a spider does not an umbrella make.”


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6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – on top

    • Oh. So the spider was in Spain, not NYC? I guess when I saw Guggenheim, I thought it was the one in NYC. Now I’ll have to travel to Spain, unless like you said it may not even be a permanent fixture there. Moreso…hugs for bringing this to our attention.


    • I’m with you. I must be sheltered as well because I’ve never seen this in my NYC wanderings wither. And I was just there last summer. I guess I’m not traveling outside my comfort zone…midtown Manhattan. Glad you took a peek at this. Not many readers check out my reblogs. Delighted you do! And Huggie hugs you! 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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