friday fictioneers: finding the hidden value…

PHOTO PROMPT  Copyright -Mary Shipman

“Now that we’ve taken the walls down to the studs, remind me…what are we looking for?”

“Great grandad’s last will and testament, stupid!”

“And why would it be hidden in the walls?”

“Because he was always stuffing pieces of paper in random slits in the walls. Slits he’d just randomly slice with an ax.”

“I hate to keep asking…but was he a nut case or something?”

“Or something. Eccentric is what grandma called her dad.”

“So why do you think he had any money to inherit?”

“He won a Power Ball. He never spent a dime of it.”

“I’m in!”


22 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: finding the hidden value…

    • There’s hidden treasure…and then there’s…”hidden treasure.” We can all partake of the second…if we look within ourselves…and at all we have in the way of…loved ones…cherished moments and memories…and doing what makes us happy. However, a little bit of the first…never hurts. 😉


    • I’ve heard of local cases, the most recent being 3 college roommates who purchased a couch for their apartment from Goodwill. It contained thousands of dollars which were returned to the rightful owner. I think they got some recompense for their honesty. Yyyeeeaaayyy for honest folks…


  1. We had a underground staircase hidden in the garden of our ancestral home. No one dared to venture after the first level which only had ashes !! 🙂

    You story reminded me of that old hidden place !

    Higgs !


    • Wow! an ancestral home with a hidden underground staircase in the garden. Stuff of novels and movies. Glad you shared that…and that I took you back there. hugs…


    • Every so often we take a chance on a Powerball Lottery…knowing full well the chances are slimmer than slim…if even that. Glad I could bring some fun to the equation. That’s always worth something…


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