friday fictioneers: dribble and drool


“Delicious! Best I’ve ever tasted.” proclaimed my host, the Emperor of Japan.

I almost puked just looking at those frothy, deep-fried, tempura caterpillars and their egg sacks. Yet the media would have had a ball with the diplomatic backlash.

My brain went into overdrive trying to concoct some way of getting out of the pickle in which I found myself. I’d even trade these delicacies for a bottle of those nasty dills  my mother-in-law bottled and sent us every month.

And then, all eyes were on my cleavage where insects and dribble had settled.

“Tantalizingly delicious!!!” exclaimed the Emperor, drooling.


Photo courtesy of Madison Woods…for Friday Fictioneers.




20 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: dribble and drool

  1. More food and cleavge for thought! Incidentally I love the sunshine song under your blog name. My nephew used to sing that to me on the phone. He would leave it on my machine if I wasn’t home. Now he’s all grown. No more songs for aunty.



    • ha, ha…food and cleavage. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere. hugs for sharing the similarity with “You are my Sunshine.” That’s exactly what my daughter is to me…as I’m sure you were to your nephew. And still are…

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    • I’m half-Chinese, but was born and raised in America. Had I lived in Hong Kong where my father was from, I’m sure these so-called delicacies would have been a staple. As it is, I would truly puke were I to even see them.

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    • ha, ha. That might’ve been me up until a decade ago. Being pleasantly plump means a plumpier bosom. I’d give anything to have everything fall straight down the front of my blouse again. So don’t be sad…be happy. 🙂


    • ha, ha…a very astute person, you are. I’m Asian…half-Chinese, half-Hawaiian. Growing up in Hawaii, I observed the reaction of Asian men to women in general. I think I can safely say…Asian men in general are…boobs. Having said that…hope I don’t get myself into another pickle. Neither my mom nor my mother-in-law are here to bail me out…


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