Medical Complications: A Doctor Finds Herself On The Other Side

A dear girlfriend recently experienced what Dr. Rubin writes in her post. What would I do were the unthinkable to happen to my husband, or my daughter as a result of a mishap at the hands of a medical provider? Remaining calm under life-threatening situations is incomprehensible. Nonetheless, what Dr. Rubin suggests makes a lot of sense. I can only hope I’ll remember her advice should I ever need it.


4 thoughts on “Medical Complications: A Doctor Finds Herself On The Other Side

  1. Hugmamma, I know these things happen. When my dad was in the hospital back in 1980, he was sent home, apparently without them checking thoroughly for blood clots. Since that was 1980, I don’t know how much they did back then. He died the same day in his sleep, because a blood clot traveled to his heart during a nap. It was a peaceful death, and he was almost 83, but it might have been avoided. —Susan


    • That is terrible! It’s frightening to think he was in professional hands…what more could you want…and then…he died the same day. I know these things happen…but when they’re easily preventable??? So sorry…


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