cruisin’ for a bruisin’…in the not-so-friendly skies

Nowadays, airline passengers are fighting mad at being sandwiched into their seats like rows of sardines.

What can a passenger do, short of punching out an annoying fellow passenger?

My suggestion?

Zone out!!!

“Zoning out” during a 5 hour or more flight isn’t for novices.

I try to sleep…or pretend to sleep. Makes the flight go faster if I’m not awake to count the seconds, minutes, hours.

Helps me assume…rigor mortis! Or an approximation thereof.

I see nothing. I hear nothing. I speak nothing. I’m wholly intent on getting from Point A to Point B.

No fuss. No muss. No stress.

How the airlines are messing with me is not what I want to ponder in these my Golden Years.

I’ve got enough on my plate to consider…bloating, constipation, overweight, hair loss, arthritis, fibromyalgia. Then there are the HIGHS…high cholesterol…and the LOWS…low metabolism, low thyroid and, of course, low libido. And let’s not forget the INs…indigestion, incontinence, insomnia.

Enough. Don’t you think?

Recent news stories about passengers duking it out with fellow passengers and/or flight attendants, foretells of heart attacks waiting to happen or psychos in the making.

As with anything else we choose to buy, like it or not, we know what we’re getting ourselves into. And if not, who’s kidding whom?

Yes, I could spend all my days and nights writing irate letters to Presidents and CEOs of air carriers with whom I might have a beef. I did do just that recently…
Once-in-awhile is okay, but I wouldn’t make it a habit. Life’s getting too short for that cat-and-mouse game.

In older age…I’m more suited to a swan’s life…serene…”with an edge”…tucked securely beneath my feathers. So don’t ruffle them…

…if you know what’s good for you…

(Looks like designer A. Yaghoubi might have the right idea with his AIRGO design. Each passenger has his own “bubble.” No need for physical interaction whatsoever. Isn’t that what life is all about these days?)


4 thoughts on “cruisin’ for a bruisin’…in the not-so-friendly skies

  1. Hugmamma, Interesting piece. I’ve got a feeling that the above design is only going to be used in 1st Class. The last time I flew, I became ill and that took up my mind. When I was feeling better, I got up and walked to the back when possible. I also watched the available movies on the little screen at my seat. I felt sorry for the lovely, older Indian couple sitting next to me. My illness couldn’t have been pleasant for them. On the way back I was fine. I slept part of the way. Delta kept fresh fruit in the back of the plane. I thought that was a great idea. 🙂 —Susan


    • In preparing to fly I have to also mentally prepare myself. I have to focus on getting to the bathroom before take off, watch what I eat, and so on. It’s a big deal these days. I dread the thought of getting sick thousands of miles in the air. Poor you. Glad it all ended well…


    • Yes…I’ve also grown weary of too much chatter. It’s difficult to cut of conversation once it gets started. I don’t like to be rude, that way. Better I not get engage to begin with.


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