nurturing thursdays: get ready, get set…get moving

I’ve done my fair share of packing up households because of a new job. Never my own. Always my husband’s…and now my daughter’s.

Let’s see, a change in jobs in 1976 landed my husband and me in The Big Apple. We were in our mid-20s then. That was fun, especially since we’d left one island, Oahu, for another, Manhattan. Worlds apart, though, if you’ve had the good fortune to visit both. Lucky us, having resided where tourists love to vacation.

Four years later, we moved again. This time, Redding, Connecticut, to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. As different from NYC as one can get. Only 11,000 inhabitants at the time. Probably not many more now. Great place to raise our newborn. Lots of wide open spaces. Exploding fall foliage colors that knocked our socks off! Small town parades. Country fairs. An idyllic setting where everybody knew everybody.

When our daughter was 11, we moved again, much to her chagrin. We trekked cross country to Seattle where hubby got a promotion. And here we’ll probably remain, unless Hawaii, land of our birth, beckons us home.IMG_0809

Just because hubby and I were settled, however, didn’t mean our daughter was. At age 16, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she trained for 5 years, hoping to become a professional ballet dancer. Because she was young and didn’t yet drive, I moved with her. For 2 1/2 years we managed on our own, while my husband remained in Seattle earning a living.

Dancers go where the jobs are. And so our daughter moved once again, to Nashville. I flew back to Atlanta to help with the packing while she was at work. She lived and worked in The Music City for 6 years. Midway through, she downsized to a smaller, cheaper rental which meant another move. Of course, I was there to help our daughter whose broken hand was in a cast. Discovering a bed bug larvae didn’t help the situation any. Neither did the reappearance of the cicadas who rose from where they’d been sleeping for 13 years, in the ground beneath the trees in and around Tennessee. 

A year ago our daughter decided to pursue a different dance path. She moved home with my husband and me while she auditioned hither and yon, and danced a couple of gigs in Houston, Texas. Storing her belongings meant moving stuff around in our house. Throw in a couple of remodels, and we had to move things around again.

One year later, we’re packing up our daughter’s furnishings once again to move her back to Nashville. She’ll be dancing with a newly formed, contemporary dance company this time.

At this stage, I could probably get a job with a professional mover. I’ve packed enough boxes in 43 years of marriage, I could probably do it in my sleep. Which reminds me, preparing to move leaves little time for rest. A couple of catnaps here and there suffices.

Because moving also involves selling and buying houses, or renting apartments, I’ve become a pro at that too. Because both my husband and my daughter have had to get on with their jobs, I’ve been the one to handle the transitions.

Then, of course, there’s the decorating. Imported Photos 00176

Everyone who knows me, especially those who have visited any of our homes or rentals will attest to my being able to whip a place into shape in no time. In fact, I can do it as often as the spirit moves me, which of late hasn’t been as often as it use to be. The spirit’s a little more settled these days, owing to wisdom…and because my “get-up-and-go”…got up and left.

Something my daughter said yesterday in the midst of packing up several boxes, ensuring they wouldn’t break the mover’s back when he lifted them, made all my years of moving worthwhile. Stopping dead in her tracks as she was heading down the hallway, my daughter returned to where I was bent over fitting wrapped items strategically into a box. As I stood up and faced her, she placed her hand firmly on my shoulder and with eyes wide and grinning from ear to ear, she said…“You’re amazing!”


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20 thoughts on “nurturing thursdays: get ready, get set…get moving

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  3. It’s always a surprise to me when my daughter does or says something that makes me realize she did in fact grow up to a wonderful woman. Somedays though, I didn’t think I’d survive raising her!

    Loved the post – so not a surprise. Her moving has been an on-going theme for a while. It was fun getting the summary version and the latest update.


    P.S. Yes, I’ve been lurking. My time is limited, but I’ve been reading most of your posts even if I haven’t been leaving notes.


    • I fully understand. Thank you for continuing to hover. Writing and visiting others is my favorite past time. Wish I could do more of both. Maybe when hubby retires and we’re both settled into our daily routines. God bless…


    • They were. I know without a doubt that my daughter thinks the world of me…but those 3 words, uttered so unexpectedly…were like God’s grace dusting my spirit all over. hugs…


  4. Isn’t that what we hope for when we’re raising our children …??? Their recognition of how much we sacrifice to provide that best for them. You have certainly met those levels. I smile and am happy for your daughter appreciative words.
    A touching post ….😍


    • I love decorating. When I was growing up, my widowed mom could not afford new things. Instead we had hand-me-down furniture from friends or the good nuns at the Catholic orphanage where my mom worked as a laundress. Cleaning house every Saturday, I would move the well-worn furniture around to spruce things up. My love of all things vintage began then, I’m sure. Thankfully, my husband and daughter also love…cozy.


    • When we’re back home from helping our daughter settle into her new digs…I’ll have myself a nice, long rest. After which, I’ll get back to writing. hugs for the kind thoughts, Becca.


  5. You sound amazing! And that’s a great thing to hear even when you’re already a professional “transitioner”. Congrats to your daughter on a new job! And to you on a another successful move 🙂


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