weekly photo challenge: dialogue

We had a DIALOGUE, squirrel and me. I said "Get out!" He replied "Make me!" To which he added..."BTW, have you had your rabies shot?"

We had a DIALOGUE, squirrel and me. I said “Get out!” He replied “Make me!” To which he added…”BTW, have you had your rabies shot?”


6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: dialogue

    • He, or she, was a cute, little bugger. Haven’t seen it around in a little while. A chipmunk has taken up residence in our yard, so perhaps the squirrel is staying away. One day I saw the chippie chasing a bird around a bush. They were about the same size. Eventually the bird flew off. Funny to see…

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    • I think a chipmunk has since taken up residence on our property. I no longer see this squirrel. He and I use to have face-offs now and again. He’d plant himself in, on, or near the bird-feeder, scaring off the feathered critters. He was pretty bold and you’re right…so was I…considering the possibility he might be rabid.


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