friday fictioneers: one artist’s rendering…

Remodeling spaces is a form of art.

Could it be that Picasso dabbled in fixer-uppers before painting anatomically grotesque women?

An artist begins with a blank canvas. So it is when I behold the before…imagining in my mind’s eye what will come after.

While I do not strike the carpenter’s hammer or turn the plumber’s screwdriver, mine is the creative vision.

The inspiration. The design. The materials. The textures. The colors.

My aesthetics power the coalescence of the parts.

And when it comes to details…I’m the devil.

Never for symmetry, instead by gut instinct.

If it feels rightIT’S MAGIC!


…master bedroom…this artist’s vision come true…


…daughter’s bedroom…also this artist’s rendering…


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24 thoughts on “friday fictioneers: one artist’s rendering…

  1. This is a poetic piece. My favorite line? “While I do not strike the carpenter’s hammer or turn the plumber’s screwdriver” Want to do your magic in my master bedroom? I love antiques and vintage things…


    • If you just want a “quick fix,” I’d suggest you start with a piece of furniture, other than your bed, which you love…or pieces, actually…a mirror, a picture, whatever. I rarely incorporate things about which I’m not passionate. Perhaps a couple of functional items, like a “night stand.” Truthfully though I repurpose anything. If I like it, I figure out how to make it work in a space. If you have photos of things you love, you can email them to me and I can make suggestions as to how you could use them in your master bedroom.


  2. I imagine it would be like magic to have it all come together. I wonder if someone like Picasso had it in his head before he set out to create something. Great piece. Your bedrooms are beautiful!


    • I wonder as well, now that you mention it. Do artists have an inkling of what they want to paint…or does it evolve? I have to say though, my decorating ideas evolve, although I have probably been mulling over how a space can function better for some time before I actually start tearing things down. hugs for the comment…


    • Thank you for the lovely comment. My décor reflects my passion for antiques and vintage things. My family loves the coziness of our furnishings and have grown fond of old things as well. My daughter was raised with them and remembers the 110-year-old Victorian farmhouse where she spent the first 11 years of her life. She has 2 dollhouses, one built by her dad and one by a great uncle. Over the years we picked out furnishings for both. We’re keeping them as heirlooms for her children…when she has a family.

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    • ha, ha. Love the metaphor. You’re so right. I love taking old stuff and breathing new life into them. In my house…everything old takes center stage. A sprinkling of new things assume supporting roles.


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