tugging at our hearts…

Making the case for a new dog after the loss of our beloved Mocha is a real brain twister.

So far I’ve been able to resist.

Not that we wouldn’t love the companionship of another faithful, loving pet. However caring for more than one furry, family member gets a tad more difficult with age. And I’ve still got two, little felines following me about for food and attention.

Meanwhile, I’ll get my fix for another pooch by watching these irresistible critters online…


8 thoughts on “tugging at our hearts…

  1. It’s very hard. We still talk “to” and about our dog who we had to put down in 2009. But we didn’t replace him. We found ourselves too busy, started biking, and other things and are glad not to have to worry about a pet at home. Our daughter just adopted a dog so now I have a “grand-dog”– and I made it quite clear that she’s not to bring him over and leave for a vacation. That said, of course we’d babysit!


    • I feel exactly as you do right now. I was always sad to have to leave Mocha behind when we were out and about. She was fine. Never trashed the house or anything while we were gone. Nonetheless, I’m sure she would have loved accompanying us everywhere. hugs for sharing…


  2. I hear you loud and clear. My cat Jasmine passed away a few years ago; two cats took her place (figuratively speaking). My sweet dog Rennie died last year; we still have our second lab (10 years old), and, low and behold, the crazy lab who is too crazy for my son’s house. I wanted another yellow lab when Rennie died, but my life is too full of dogs and cats to think of making more space. But remember…there’s always shelter babies if you change your mind…hugs….


    • I’m still on the back burner about another dog. It was difficult to put Mocha to sleep and it was also physically difficult at times to service her needs as she was losing quality of life. Gotta love our canine pals though…


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