Shhhh Kitty Kitty Kitty….

I think the goddess has spoken for a few of us pet owners. There’s always the upside to our furry critters, but then again we have to make allowances for their idiosyncracies too. I’m certain they feel the same way about us. It’s for sure my own Sitka and Juneau would meow that I drive them up the wall sometimes, as much as they do me. Isn’t that what true love is all about though???

…give and take.



Humoring the Goddess

Let me start off by saying – I love cats. I love MY cats. They are solace when I am sad, they are loving when I feel empty.


My cats also drive me up the proverbial wall.

They do the usual “cat” things…they lay on my laptop when I’m typing, sleep by my head when I’m trying to sleep. But they also make more noise than the Park Street Band. Especially Tom.

Tom is my grey and white tuxedo. He is the friendliest, coolest cat I’ve ever owned. He holds his own against my chocolate lab, along with the two other labs that practically live at my house. He allows my grandson to carry him all  around the house, feet dangling near the floor, as his body as long as my grandson is tall. He loves to lay on your lap – anyone’s lap – especially if you are under…

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