journeying towards her best life…#2

Pat’s story, as told to hugmamma…

In the beginning I remained silent. Not knowing meant not saying anything…to anyone. Perhaps not even to myself.

About a year ago I had carpal tunnel surgery in my right wrist. I wondered why it was I’d gotten carpal tunnel in the first place since I wasn’t its typical candidate. I didn’t craft, and I wasn’t on the computer 24/7. Imagine my surprise when I was told I might need the same surgery on my left wrist.

Strange. Very strange.

Right on the heels of this phenomenon, another occurred. Even weirder.

My tongue swelled…like a balloon fish. One minute it’s flat, the next minute it’s all pouffy.

Not one to panic, I figured I would soon be my old self again. Although when eating became a hazard, I decided it was either me or my tongue. No way I was going to give up eating for the rest of my life. So I sought professional advice.

Figuring anything to do with my mouth involved my teeth, I went to the dentist. He found nothing wrong so I left and went merrily on my way.

Not so merry though, when I couldn’t eat all the usual “ono” food. (Hawaiian for ooh-la-la delicious!!!)

A good friend and co-worker, someone whose friendship I’ll treasure for life, shares my love of food and laughter. 

Mel would bring a cupcake or a brownie which we would split. Not just the common, everyday kind, but the ones that had us drooling because they were so cleverly decorated and scrumptiously flavorful…and terribly sinful. We agreed it was okay though since halving them meant we were each only eating half the calories. Made sense to us.

Now, those days of carefree eating are gone. Replaced by smoothies Mel concocts from fruits and veggies that are brimming with all kinds of good-for-me nutrients.

Because my tongue is swollen my teeth are not aligned. This, in turn, has negatively impacted my ability to chew food. The upside is yyyeeeaaayyy!!!…I’ve lost 20 pounds. The downside? I could eat an entire roasted pig in one sitting! Gumming it if I have to. In fact, if I’m desperate I’ll gum all the flavor out of a favorite food and spit out the remnants. Not very lady-like. But hey! I’m making the most of a bad situation.

One day Mel asked if I wanted to share…a brownie?…a cookie?…chips?…popcorn?…chocolate? Sadly, I declined each and every tempting offer. Her reaction was hilarious, and caught me totally off-guard.  

“I miss Fat Pat. Bring back Fatty Patty!” 

My eyes glistened with tears of happiness. I could laugh in spite of all that lay ahead. 

I’m blest to be supported and comforted by an extended, loving “ohana”…a community of family and good friends. And the Hawaiian music playing in the background reminds me that I’m indeed lucky to be living where the sun shines and the sea is blue and the feeling of Aloha still warms my spirit.

Until next time…Pat.



4 thoughts on “journeying towards her best life…#2

  1. How wonderful it is to share these beautiful thoughts both funny and endearing. Sounds like Mel would fit in just right with our family……


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