journeying towards her better life…#6

Behind every good man is a good woman…and…behind every good woman is a good man.

In the case of Pat and her husband Brad…greatness might apply.

As Pat explains it…

I educated Brad on our bank accounts. I pay all the bills, so he was pretty clueless. As long as [the] bills were paid, he never asked. 

I pay [them] electronically  so I showed him how it’s set up…how to pay the bills, transfer funds, etc.

We also set up automatic payments wherever we could so we don’t miss a mortgage or insurance payment. 

I must say, he was impressed…not with me…but with the bank’s system. [Brad’s] comment after my tutorial…”Wow! I actually get to see the money now!!!”

A few months ago we got a HELOC [Home Equity Line of Credit]. It took a while…[filing] all the required reports [as well as] the credit checks. While signing papers with the loan officer, Brad turned to me and asked “Why is your credit score better than mine?”

What [Brad] doesn’t know is…yeah, I pay the bills on time, but a couple of times his Macy’s bill might have been buried under all the paperwork.”

…kinda funny, right?…pat.




8 thoughts on “journeying towards her better life…#6

    • Not sure what came out weird… And yes, the words were Pat’s, except for the “kinda funny, right?” That was my contribution. If that was weird…sorry. Not Pat’s fault.


    • Not sure if something got lost in the translation with the first part of your comment. Brendan asks if you’re “smoking something.” ha, ha. you know him. But I agree, Pat’s enlightened, for sure. 🙂


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