journeying towards her better life…#8

Forgot to post the following earlier in Pat’s journey…

I met with my Naturopath, [Dr. Burke], I told him everything and what was likely coming in the way of a diagnosis. He asked me if people were treating me differently. I said no because we hadn’t told anyone exactly what was going on…we wanted to be sure first.

[The Doc] got me thinking. How [would] people react and [would] they treat me differently? I don’t want to be treated differently. After all, I haven’t changed.

After [I got] the official diagnosis, the first two people I told were my friends at work…my boss Tammy, and Mel. They knew everything I was going through from the beginning, so it was only logical [to tell them.] And the timing was right.

I thought about what Doc said and was pleasantly surprised the next day. When I saw that my in-tray was FULL, [my] initial reaction was a very loud…sssiiiggghhh. Then I thought…OK. We’re good here.

…off to a good start.


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hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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