journeying towards her best life…#13

Just received a text from Pat…

It is a nice, sunny day again.

Getting ready to leave soon.

Got a busy day ahead.

Mammogram (fun!) at 11:40.

Meet with the transplant coordinator at 1:30.

And then treatment at 3:30.

Trans Coord to go over logistics and what not.

I think one has to qualify…not medically, but in other ways.

Since we could be gone for a couple of months, [the TC will] go over cost…what’s covered and what’s not…review my medical insurance plan…my emotional state of mind…support system…etc., etc. This is just the education portion.

I text back…

…”we are here for you…whatever you need. We are in this with you. The whole family is…hugs and love.”



4 thoughts on “journeying towards her best life…#13

  1. You know, Huggy, what prevents so many of us from getting the help we need is the cost. If our insurance covers it. If we can afford to make payments. We get an ulcer from that worry alone. And those fears cloud our emotions. I hope your friend can get passed that hurdle and just do what she needs to do, cost be damned. You only go this way one time — we want to make it a long time.


    • You’re so right, goddess. I was just telling my hubby that. One’s life is only as good as one’s financial options. The rich can live as long as their millions and billions will take them. The rest of us have to make sure we’ve got enough to pay for funeral costs…so our loved ones don’t get stuck with the bill. Sad…but true.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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