journeying towards her best life…#17

Last night I had asked Pat if she preferred I not continue to blog her health journey. I thought it might be too difficult to share her thoughts, thereby baring her soul, as time went on. 

In no time, I received a reply.

Pat explained that if what she was going through could help others, than sharing news about her experience was worth it. She went on to say

“…writing about it helps me.”

Most of what I’ve sent [you] so far has been light, meant to make me (and, hopefully, others) laugh.

It wouldn’t be fair, however, if I led people to think that I’m breezing through this, although, luckily, so far it seems I have.

And although I really like all the doctors and nurses taking care of me, the reality is that after certain appointments, like today, I get just a little depressed.

I’m reminded “Yes. You are sick. And yes. It is serious.”

So when Brad asked if I was going to update the family, I said I would but that I needed to digest it all for myself first.

It takes a little while to get my mojo back.

It’s on its way back now.

I’ll pray. Reread your blog and the comments left. Listen to Hawaiian music and do whatever else I can that allows me to take a step back and ask myself…”How am I feeling right now? Because right now is all I have. And if in this moment, I feel good, then let’s celebrate!”

Worrying about things that may [or may not] occur means experiencing them many more times than necessary. In reality, I’ll only experience them when they actually occur. ( FYI…I’m not as smart as you might think. This came from a bible study passage I’d read on 1/16.)

Anyway, [hugmamma], I think you know where I’m coming from. I trust your judgment when it comes to blogging. 

So let’s blog on! 

I’m feeling better…can you tell?

…yes, pat…i can tell.

As a postscript, Pat added that since she couldn’t get a hold of her sister to wish her a Happy Birthday she did the next best thing. 

During today’s treatment, to take my mind off the shot I was getting, I sang “Happy Birthday” to her in my head. Corny. I know…but it helped.

…hugs and aloha…pat…


10 thoughts on “journeying towards her best life…#17

  1. Pat and I shared some special bonding time this evening…….talked story, laughed, soulful revelations. I mentioned that there is so much more to life than we sometimes allow ourselves to experience. Granted what she is going through is not something one would wish to experience but through you, Pat, and hugmamma bloggings you continue to offer insights of a truly loving person who knows the value of what we have been given……..LIFE!

    Thank you for allowing and sharing many of your deepest and personal feelings to all.

    You continue to inspire me and validate that our family as are many others, are so blessed.
    We were taught the lessons of love, faith, compassion…….most importantly family.

    Love you Pat…….forever in my thoughts and prayers!

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  2. I am grateful for this blog. I am learning more each day. Not just about your personal fight with cancer. But about you and the entire Vierra family. Coming from a small family and being the only child, I am blessed to be part of this family. Because I can see what a difference it is being around supportive family and friends. I feel the love this family genuinely have. I felt this the first time I was invited to a family function at Gramma V’s house some 7/8 years ago. The open arms and love from at that time, complete strangers. Everyone welcomed me as if I was family. I want to let you know I am here too. As your family. Love you Aunty Pat.

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    • So grateful you left a beautiful and loving comment, Phung. Having been in this family for almost 45 years, I agree with you 100%. Our family loves and supports unconditionally. Because of their parents, Aunty Pat and all her siblings have continued the legacy and tradition of compassion to all who are blest to know and be a part of them. They give of themselves…with no expectations of something in return. Except to share what we enjoy with others. That is truly…the Aloha Spirit. hugs and mahalo for your sweet words. Aunty Pat will read them. ❤


  3. Tell Pat its alright to be scared and hopeful and depressed and happy all at the same time. Emotions can’t be controlled..just handled the best we can. We are all living our fears and hopes through you. And know there are lots of people you’ll never meet pulling for you!

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    • Pat will read your comment herself. I know she’ll be comforted knowing compassionate folks the world over are pulling for her. God bless you for such positive words, goddess. ❤


  4. Part of the benefit of sharing is the ability to ask for and get support unconditionally. It’s nice to know that there are hundreds of people pulling for Pat, family, friends and yes strangers who only know Pat through the blog. With that kind of backing we should be able to help keep the mojo level high. More important though is everyone is there to help and understand in the up times and down times………

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    • From a very wise man…with a firm grounding in spirituality. So glad God let him marry me…and through our relationship…bless all with whom my husband comes into contact throughout the course of his life. ❤


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