journeying towards her best life…#19: hello…goodbye…and stuff in-between

Had a nice, long chat with Pat this evening.

Nice and long for me.

Probably tolerable for Pat. 

I’m guessing she was fine with it.

She laughed the entire time.

Never disagreeable.

Pat finds everything I say funny.

Actually, so do I.

Hilarious, really.

Like a screwball…bouncing from topic to topic.

It’s the new diet book I just bought.

To wishing I were there…eating Hawaiian plate lunches. 

It’s about available housing near The Mayo Clinic for her recovery stay.

To my scouring the internet for light fixtures for our upcoming remodel.

It’s asking if her son has a new girlfriend.

To how long before homeopathic supplements kick in.

It’s agreeing that Brad is one savvy guy.

To Pat’s knowing one of her good friends since 6th grade.

It’s her having lost about 30 pounds.

To Filipinos thinking I’m Filipino.

It’s learning that Julie was celebrating her birthday with family on The Big Island.

To Pat’s son texting and calling her regularly.

It’s her wishing she could just yank out her shaky back teeth.

To Jennifer’s Super Bowl Party…minus kids.

It’s Pat’s great conversations with her sons, as she drove them hither and yon.

To my daughter laughing at how I jump from topic to topic…making it difficult for her to keep up.

It’s recipes high in calories to help Pat build up her immune system.

To my husband’s being a little “under the weather.”

It’s how dad…my father-in-law…probably only spoke when he had something to say.

To me me saying I chatter…to fill the silence.

It’s how helpful sister-in-law Bev’s therapeutic massage is for Pat.

To how my legs ached the day after carrying…my darling, almost 1-month-old, great-nephew…up and down his parents’ steps so he’d fall back to sleep.

It’s how much Mel, a co-worker and great friend, misses Pat.

To not being able to postpone her colonoscopy…and tolerating the stuff she has to drink the day before.

It’s Pat’s continuing to feel good.

And to her living in the moment.

It’s saying goodbye to Pat.

Then talking her ears off for another half-hour.

It’s saying goodbye to Pat again.

Then talking her ears off…again…for another half-hour.

It’s Pat saying…”Okay. Goodbye, Millie.”

Then hanging up the phone.

My hubby, Pat’s brother, did get a word in…

…edgewise…and sideways…in under 8 minutes.


8 thoughts on “journeying towards her best life…#19: hello…goodbye…and stuff in-between

  1. Hugmamma is nothing if not random on a phone call…….in the end you will have covered a diverse number of topics and if you don’t keep your eye on the bouncing ball you’ll miss an important tidbit. You can count on saying goodbye at least three times before it really happens and then you might get a call back in 20 seconds because she just remembered something important she forgot to say……..


  2. I love a great phone call 🙂 when I’m on the phone I’m guilty of not letting others get a word in edgewise. This point came home to roost the day my sister related my nephew playing with his toy phone. He was only about 2 at the time. He received ‘call’ from uncle , aunts , grandparents on his toy plastic phone. He would answer questions , nod as if he had listened to a reply, laughed…my sister said it looked just like he was having a real call using his plastic phone. Then had made it ring and ‘answered’ it . Apparently he sat with the phone to his ear for a minute and said nothing , then said bye, then repeated this without hanging up. When he did hang up after the second ‘bye’ she asked him what that call was about. He replied words the the effect…’that was Aunty Kerry ringing me’ ….out of the mouth of babes lol


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